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F9 Analytics - Lease Smarter

Posted by Ben Capitano

F9 Analytics

Running time: 2:01


One day leasing decisions will be understood and negotiated in a day. And leasing smarter will once again lead business to lease better. One day intelligent tools will lead to greater opportunity, and the cloud will lead business to lease more. That day, is Today. 

Whether you are a Property Services Firm, Institutional Investor, or Small or Large Company that leases space, F9 Analytics builds the intelligent tools that help you lease smarter, better, and more. 

Whether it's our Lease Comparison, built for robust lease reporting and analytics, our Lease Optimizer, developed specifically to solve complex leasing problems, or our Corporate Lease API's, designed for internal corporate consumption, our cloud-based services help businesses to identify, solve, and report on almost any leasing problem you might encounter. And more leasing solutions - means more leased space. 

Why F9 Analytics and the Cloud? It's in the numbers. According to comScore data on F9 users: 36% cited improved customer service. 73% cited more confidence in the integrity of their data. And 50% cited the ability to pursue new opportunity because of time saved. 

Through intelligent tools and connectivity, we build opportunity from efficiency, productivity from simplicity and transform complex leasing problems into meaningful solutions. F9 Analytics. We build the intelligent tools, so you can lease smarter.