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Foursquare - Pinpoint

Posted by Artem Kotenko


"I just presented it to the entire company in NYC, SF and Chicago. Everyone is super impressed by the video and excited to share it with the world! We will definitely keep you in mind for future projects."
        - Pinpoint

Our video for Foursquare’s Pinpoint ad platform. Pinpoint is a media solution designed for advertisers to measure their audience through actual market intelligence, and deliver targeted ads to users based on the locations where they’ve been.

Running time: 1:33

Script: Wouldn’t it be great if you could see consumers moving through the real world with the same precision of online analytics?

Location targeting for all levels of commerce; from big-box retailers, to mom-and-pop coffee shops, and everything in between. The world’s most accurate and trusted location intelligence, powered by millions of real people and trillions of data points, to evolve cookie-based targeting for the physical world.

This is Pinpoint. Unique first-party data, trusted to power locations services by world leading platforms like Microsoft, Twitter, Pinterest, and nearly 100,000 other third-party apps. Pinpoint allows brands to use places to build custom audience segments beyond the Foursquare user base to reach loyal, lapsed, or competitive customers, or target a specific lifestyle, life stage, or behavior.

Because the places you go are the best indicator of who you are. Measure the lift in store traffic, unique audience affinities, return on ad spend, and brand lift.

Turn every campaign into actionable market intelligence. Measure your consumers’ real-world behavior, and finally, close the loop between the physical and the digital. Pinpoint – powered by people, not algorithms.