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Posted by mocapnyc

Frontier Water Systems

Running time: 1:28


A natural evolution in selenium treatment. At Frontier Water Systems, we help the world’s heavy industry make sure water is free of things like selenium and heavy metals– allowing them to maintain CLEAN lakes and rivers as a TOP PRIORITY, while delivering the raw materials, power and energy we all need to get through life.

Selenium is an essential nutrient, but in excess amounts can be HARMFUL to wildlife like fish and birds. The EPA federal selenium guideline is 5 parts per BILLION – that’s like trying to find just 5 people out of the whole population of India.

Until now, this has been COMPLICATED, required CHEMICALS or taken a lot of SPACE which uses tons of material like steel and concrete, which can create other problems for our environment.

Frontier Water’s SMALLER and CLEANER system runs on the same natural microbes that mother nature makes to keep selenium under control and our ecosystem in balance. Developed and manufactured in the USA, this REVOLUTIONARY modular system delivers super clean water in a simple, transportable module.

BALANCING our ENVIRONMENT and ECONOMY is tricky. In the case of selenium and heavy metals, with Frontier Water, we no longer have to choose.