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Gulbrandsen | GCI

Posted by Ben Capitano


GCI approached us to help tell their story, 50 years in the making. The final product is a strong combination of the classic whiteboard animation style with actual historical photos mixed in.

Running time: 3:10

Script: Our story begins 50 years ago in New Jersey, with an entrepreneurial spirit and the determination to learn and grow. We didn't need much, so we stretched our money as far as we could go. We mastered the skill of being a jack of all trades, and knowing the details of our business.

When a customer called, we responded quickly, because as a small team, we could. Our existence depended on it. Our very first products we produced were very basic, aluminum infared cloride, then to pharmaceutical grade products and higher water performance treatment chemicals, our small team worked hard to gain the trust of each customer. Most of them were water treatment plants and could never be without product. And we never allowed that to happen.

Our reputation for liability and responsivness became out calling card. In 1990 we built a plant in South Carolina to get closer to our customer base with lower cost than our competition. And as we grew quickly with new products serving the petro-chemical industry, we faced a significant equipment challenge, immediately stopping production. With our plant down, the entire company was at risk, and telling customers that we couldn't supply was not an option.

Every employee joined the fight to get the plant operational, and after five days of around the clock work, we repaired the plant and emerged as one team and 0 missed orders. Our darkest hour became our brightest point, and our culture of teamwork was born. Soon calls came in from Europe, asking to supply our products.

At that time it wasn't possible because of the corrosive nature of the products so we developed a bespoke shipping container as a solution and it grew our exports by 30%, we lowered our clients costs and they rewarded us with their business. In 1998 we expanded to India as a manufacturing base, and by the early 2000's, we've established an R&D and engineering center, with new products and a team of high talent. But with many moving parts and competing priority, the first steps were unsteady.

Cultures, goals, values systems and motivators were different, resulting in poor output, and high turnover. History proved that we could solve this problem ourselves, and we did, by creating Foundations for the Future, a unique culture setting education platform, taught our own faculty and managers and leaders. Through it, we established a common language, and through it, boosted the true potential of our global team.

As we grow to produce more complex chemistrys, our products and raw materials are often highly corrosive, pyro-foric, high pressure, or flammable. Managing a supply chain and transporting these products to our customers on time and in spank and spin condition and safely around the globe is what we do well. It's our trade craft. We value our technical heritage by solving problems with a team innovation approach on a platform of operational excellence based on best practices and experiences. This truly drives everything we do.

Look, we've always fought hard for our business, against small companies and others 20 times our size. We've defined ourselves as being able to provide competitive economics with world class execution. This culture and long history lessons that we've learned are baked into our DNA, and continue to inspire our diverse community of employees to be a little bit better every day. This is who we are, Gulbrandsen. Experience our chemistry.