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Global RADAR

Posted by Artem Kotenko

Global RADAR

Our video for Global RADAR, a client onboarding and surveillance system which automates the onboarding process and mitigates risk by screening for various criteria.


Running time:2:05



With expanding regulatory requirements and increasing fines worldwide, effective compliance tools are more important than ever. And Global RADAR has a better way to manage compliance risk. A cloud-based client onboarding and surveillance application, Global RADAR provides a comprehensive system to mitigate regulatory risk.

Here’s how it works: whether through direct input or integration with other systems, Global RADAR helps you record key onboarding data in two easy steps. First, you’ll create an account by entering information for an individual or a company. This information is used to generate a client portfolio. Then Global RADAR automatically generates appropriate forms and helps you upload the needed documents for each client. Once you’ve completed those steps, Global RADAR takes over.

The system screens for money laundering, sanctions, organized crime, and politically exposed person relationships, and identifies client risk levels. In this massive, unified database, client information is continually compared against all transactions to identify potential new risks. Alerts are quickly created, prioritized and documented, making it easy to complete investigations and high-risk reviews, produce management reports, and take corrective measures. And comprehensive reports help you assess the effectiveness of your compliance policies so you can quickly find and resolve any issues.

Global RADAR cuts costs by automating the onboarding process, plus it enables ongoing risk reviews, which helps to quickly identify client risk levels, enhance prioritization and productivity, and eliminates the need for additional resources for the annual review. And it helps to prevent fines, which have totaled over 7 billion dollars in the last 2 years.

Global RADAR is the leader in client onboarding and surveillance. Visit globalradar.com to learn more and register for a demo today.