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Grand Canyon University

Posted by Artem Kotenko

Grand Canyon University was founded in 1949, and is a regionally accredited, private Christian university, recognized as offering some of the best online education programs in the nation by noteworthy sources including Fortune Small Business, Technology & Learning Magazine, Fox.com, Online Education Database (OEDb) and more.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, GCU offers a variety of nursing and health care programs, including undergraduate, graduate and bridge programs. Students can elect to take courses online or through our evening classes, which meet just once a week at the Phoenix campus and other satellite locations throughout Arizona.

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Science is transforming our world. We’re blessed to live in a time where diverse groups of specialists can work together to develop innovative, life-changing technologies and inspire those whose lives have been changed.

When mom was diagnosed with cancer last year, we were scared. But luckily we got help from a team of specialists in stem-related fields. They worked together to treat her cancer, and made an impact on our family. After the diagnosis, our MD set forth a treatment plan as our nurse explained what we were facing in a way that made us feel comfortable and confident. Searching for the best treatment, a biologist studied my mom’s tissue sample, made a biochemical analysis, and sequenced genetic profiles. An IT specialist maintained the powerful system that helped us gather data from thousands of other profiles. A computer scientist wrote the program that compared my mom’s sample with normal profiles, which led to the recommendation that we try an advanced laser treatment to remove the tumor non-invasively, and promote faster healing. That’s where the engineers came in. An electrical engineer developed the laser technology: configuring the right optics, frequency, and energy levels to eradicate the tumor. A biomedical engineer used an imaging system to locate the tumor, and make sure the laser wouldn’t harm any healthy tissue surrounding the tumor. And a mechanical engineer built the robotic arm that positioned the laser with pinpoint accuracy. Finally, our MD put the technology into practice, and successfully performed the operation.

Thanks to these specialists working together in collaboration, mom feels healthy and I feel grateful. I was so inspired by our experience; I enrolled at Grand Canyon University to study electrical engineering, so I could make a difference too. Go Lopes!

It takes a team of specialized professionals to develop and implement revolutionary technology. Imagine a career path that changes lives, the world, and the future. It’s not too far out of your reach; you can make an impact. Built upon a Christian world view, and values of kindness and compassion, GCU emphasizes smaller classes, personalized instruction, and hands-on real world learning. Our mission is to help students find and launch successful stem-related careers that will make a difference in the global community. Private, Christian, affordable. Find your purpose at Grand Canyon University – today.