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Healthy Bodies by Penn State

Posted by Ben Capitano

Healthy Bodies Project at Penn State

Running time: 1:00


Do you have a picky eater at home? It can be frustrating to get your child to try new foods, especially vegetables. Picky eating is common until about age three. Some children need to see a new food many times before they are willing to try it. We'd like to offer some advice. 

Tip #1: Offer your children vegetables every day. 

Tip #2: Try to mix the new vegetable into another meal, like a stir-fry or even as a topping on pizza. 

Tip #3: Make meal times family time. 

Tip #4: Try to get your children involved in the kitchen. 

Tip #5: Introduce your children to new vegetables in the grocery store, even if you don't plan to buy them. 

These tips will build helathy habits for your family. This message is part of the Healthy Bodies Project at Penn State, helping children and familes build strong, healthy bodies.