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Heritage Bank

Posted by Ben Capitano


Choosing the right bank can be tricky. Our Whiteboard animation for Heritage Bank helps answer some of the bigger questions about banking.

Running time: 1:21

Script: Choosing the right bank can be tricky. Should you go with a large bank, a small bank, or maybe somewhere in between? Sure, any of these choices can keep your money safe. But what do they actually do with the money you deposit? Larger corporate banks often use your money to finance projects in other cities or states, even other countries. But community banks keep your money local, investing it in projects that help your friends, neighbors, and small businesses nearby. It's simple. Investing in a community bank means investing in the community where you live and work. And Heritage Bank is the best choice for community banking in Henry, Clayton and Fayett counties. When you bank with Heritage, your funds support local businesses and families that you know and trust. As the only community bank covering the tri-county area, we work hard to build long-term, local relationships. Our lending decisions are made locally by folks who know the area. We're dedicated to helping our customers save money, and we're proud to invest in you. So bank locally with Heritage, and support your community. Your neighbors, and your wallet, will thank you. Stop by your local Heritage bank branch, visit our website, or give us a call to get started today.