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Hunter Straker - Retail Marketing

Posted by mocapnyc


Hunter Straker is the only purchase design agency in North America. Their model was difficult for their team to explain, so they looked to our team to introduce their model for them. The video would help present their agency's value proposition to top retail executives. And they had a number of executive meetings lined-up in just a few weeks. After receiving their handouts, our team built a video from the ground up that presented Hunter Straker as the market leader in their industry.

Running time: 2:23

Script: SoLoMo. Video. Big Data. Beacons. eCommerce. Wearable Tech. The digital marketing world is constantly evolving. But while 30% of marketing budgets are now digital, 57% of digital campaigns don’t drive impact. The path to purchase is now highly fragmented - one shopper’s journey is drastically different from another’s.

So in order to drive results, we need to understand where and how different segments are most likely to be influenced. For example. Derek, a 40-year-old male shopping for his next tech gadget, is influenced by events, uses his smartphone for in-store research, and posts reviews after purchase. While Sarah, a 34-year-old new mom shopping for coffee at Walmart, is influenced by blogs, search engines and Walmart.com.

That’s why we have evolved from a linear path-to-purchase strategy to what we call the Path of InfluenceTM – delivering relevant content via the right medium, at the right time, to achieve impactful results. Our mission is to create insightful digital content strategies that engage shoppers at the best points of influence to drive impact.

And we carry out this mission through our three pillars: Research & Strategy, Content Plus Amplification, and Measurement & Impact. Using Shoppergraphics, proprietary retail intelligence, virtual shopalongs and performance benchmarks, we develop strategies that influence your shoppers.

At the core of our work, we develop strategic content campaigns to amplify your message at the right time and right place. We’re a one-stop shop with an in-house influencer network that connects relevant content and digital touchpoints to in-store experiences.

And whether it’s creating product trials, changing perceptions or driving sales lift, we believe in measuring influence and impact. Through our suite of measurement solutions, our integration with Acosta sales data, and our partnership with Global research partners, we’re able to measure and benchmark successfully. So partner with us, and see what the power of influence can do.