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iNet | Gas Detection

Posted by Steve Day


Whiteboard Animation Studio marketing video for INET, a subscription-based gas detection program designed to test gas detection instruments and sensors.

Running time: 2:05


You’re plenty busy focusing on the things that matter to your business.

Amid your daily tasks is the hefty responsibility of ensuring your workers are kept safe from hazardous gases and that they go home at the end of each day. Buying your fleet of gas detectors was easy, but then the challenges came.

With limited time, it’s been hard to regularly maintain your gas detector fleet including bump tests and calibrations. When an instrument is in need of repair, your team lacks expertise or the time to fix it, resulting in instrument downtime or worse – workers going into the field without an instrument.

You’ve tried to maintain critical safety records, but manual upkeep is time consuming and prone to error. You’re afraid that you’ll be called upon to provide a record and your company will be fined for failure to supply it.

Finally, you don’t really understand how your instruments are being used, what workers are being exposed to, and at what levels. Without this data, you’re not able to correct unsafe behavior and your workers aren’t motivated to even use the life-saving instruments.

iNet can help. iNet is a subscription-based gas detection program designed to give you peace of mind that your equipment is properly maintained and proactively serviced; that you are able to provide required records on demand with minimal effort; and that your workers are kept safe from hazardous gases.

iNet takes care of every detail. With a click of a button, your instruments’ bump tests are automatically scheduled. When a sensor fails, a new gas detector is already on its way to you. With a glance at an online dashboard, you’ll see that a worker turned off an instrument that went into alarm.

Today, more than 100,000 gas detectors operate on iNet at worksites around the world. When no one else has time to think about your gas detection program, iNet does.

Imagine your peace of mind. Imagine iNet.