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Insorb - Blue Triangles

Posted by Artem Kotenko

"A collective WOW from the Incisive Team on your work! Truly outstanding…compelling and fun!"
        - Insorb

The blue triangles are rockin out to our Insorb absorbable subcuticular skin stapler video.

Running time: 2:25

Script: T1: Hi there! We’re the Insorb Blue Triangle twins; Lefty and Righty. We’re located on both sides of the nose of your Insorb absorbable subcuticular skin stapler.
T2: And when it comes to using it truly effectively, we’re your best friends.
T1: Yep. To get the best results and minimize external staples, it’s simple: just keep our faces covered up. T2: But I just got my teeth whitened!
T1: You see, even though the Insorb stapler is a brilliant piece of technology, in one way, it’s kind of dumb. S: Hey!
T1: Well, what I mean is – the two surgically sharpened needles that place the Insorb absorbable staple will penetrate whatever tissue is in its path.
S: It’s true, I can’t help myself.
T1: If you can see our faces, it means the tissue is not properly aligned. Then, an Insorb staple could be accidentally placed through the epidermis, or what we call an externally placed staple. You might see a little white dot 2-3 weeks post-op. Note the remarkable lack of inflammation.
T2: Woooow.
T1: But if you keep us fully covered, the staple will be placed correctly, entirely within the dermis, giving you a great result.
T2: Woooow.
T1: Let’s take a closer look, with my top 3 tips to keep us covered. Number 1: grasp 5mm of tissue and firmly lift it. This will help introduce the stapler nose and start to cover us up. Number 2: position the stapler level with the plane of the skin. This helps get us fully covered. And Number 3 is my favorite: rock the stapler left and right.
T2: Yeah baby, rock n roll!
T1: He’s a little loud, but he’s right. When you’re in tight or smaller openings, like the final staple, or in flaccid tissue, use the forceps to bring the tissue up and around the stapler nose. Then rock left and right a few times to allow the tissue to roll over us. This will keep us covered and get precise staple placements.
S: Some Insorb aficionados incorporate a little rock n roll every time they use the stapler, just to make sure.
T1: So remember, to keep us covered and get your best staple placement, follow these three steps: Lift, Level, and Rock n Roll. The bottom line - if you cover us, we’ll cover you. With the Insorb absorbable subcuticular skin stapler.