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Intel + McAfee Animated Whiteboard 

Posted by Ben Capitano


"Went over well is an understatement. They loved it. Thank you all for your hard work."
        - Intel

Our video for the revenue sharing project between Intel Channel and McAfee.

Running time: 2:40

Script: If you‘ve been around long enough you’ve heard of Intel’s Channel. It’s a network of over 200,000 small and medium resellers, in 150 countries who distribute and sell Intel hardware. And they’re good at it: 50% of all global PC sales and billions of dollars float through this group.

They’re a powerful force. So someone saw an opportunity and said, “Let’s have the Channel sell McAfee software. The potential is huge!” But the idea was actually radical. You see, every process, every sales goal and bonus across the globe is designed to sell hardware. Hardware is the priority, not software. Period. And for this reason, initial attempts proved fruitless. But the idea was unshakeable. The revenue potential was real if the Channel could be navigated correctly.

So a task force was created to make it happen. To be successful, a Channel-specific McAfee product had to be created from the ground up. So, Intel’s Product Development and Marketing teams were called in, then came McAfee’s teams. One by one, different teams brought their expertise to the table, each helping to propel this effort forward.

We’ve never launched a product faster, but barriers had to be cleared to ensure success. For starters, multiple products were created to compete, along with all new marketing cloud. Then distribution conflicts between Intel and McAfee had to be fixed. But the “ah-ha” moment was the creation of a powerful revshare plan from Channel partners. Here's how it works: a McAfee sale looks insignificant compared to a CPU sale, but appearances can be deceiving.

Factor in yearly license renewals, and voila! Even the lowest priced McAfee product can become a significant source of new revenue. Plus, the margins are great! So a Revenue Share plan was created for the Geos, distributors and resellers.

Sell McAfee once, then sit back and let your profits increase year after year. Now think of the revenue potential when a McAfee sale is combined with a CPU sale. The Channel saw the revenue potential and responded in a big way - selling hundreds of thousands of units. But this is only the beginning.

This year, Intel and McAfee are breaking new ground. For the first time, millions of boxed CPUs will be shipped with a free McAfee trial, and each trial has the potential to unlock significant renewal revenue for our Channel partners. With multiple McAfee products and a powerful revshare plan in place, our Channel partners can take advantage of a new era of Intel and McAfee integration.