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Intel - Skylake

Posted by Steve Day


Whiteboard Animation Studio teamed up with Ogilvey to introduce Intel's new core processor, Intel Skylake. Our team was called upon to develop a script and deliver an animation with client approvals in just two weeks' time. The response? A happy agency, client, and audience. After just two days with limited distribution, the video received 20,000 views: 60x better than what Intel paid the Mythbusters. Congratulations on a true team effort.

Running time: 1:00

Script: Look familiar? This is a 5-year-old PC. It’s incredible how much has changed over a few short years. Thanks to Intel’s best processor ever, 6th generation Intel Core, you are about to see the thinnest, lightest and sleekest devices ever.

And it’s not just how sleek it looks; your device will be faster, more powerful and higher performing, allowing you to get things done more quickly.

It wakes up in a flash, is super fast and lets you multitask to the max. Along with improved performance, you also get at least two times the battery life so you don’t need to plug in nearly as often. Eliminating “outlet outrage” and that mad scramble to find an outlet before the battery runs out.  

With super-cool facial recognition technology, your device also recognizes you. No need to constantly remember login passwords – now, YOU are the password. Some of the new devices hitting shelves this year include voice recognition and gesture control – so you can have a “conversation” with your computer to get things done.

It’s like having your very own virtual personal assistant. And the visuals are incredibly vibrant, with 30x graphics improvement over systems from just a few years ago.

Introducing 6th generation Intel Core, Intel’s best processor ever for the most amazing devices you’ve ever seen! With this new standard of computing offering better performance, graphics and battery life than any previous processor, there’s never been a better time to buy a new PC.