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Jostens – Monarch

Posted by Artem Kotenko

Jostens Monarch software makes creating and editing a yearbook fun and easy. Check out our new marketing animation for them, announcing the new cloud-based creative software.

Running time: 1:49

Script: Designing your yearbook shouldn’t be so… restricting. Monarch sets you free. Jostens exclusive partnership with Adobe brings a smart combination of full-feature Photoshop and InDesign all wrapped into one powerful design solution.

It’s accessible anywhere there’s a web browser, hosted entirely in the cloud. Design anywhere, at any time. Monarch is packed with unique features that make yearbook designing easier.

1. Jostens exclusives like Name Perfect and Caption Perfect help ensure you never have the embarrassment of a misspelled name in your book.

2. The Coverage Report lets you see all the students who have made it into yearbook, and how many times, and who has yet to be covered. Monarch makes sure nobody gets left out.

3. With Portrait Tools, you can import, edit and place your portrait images any way you like. Create proofs and make changes at any time. Speaking of photos - use ReplayIt to gather and use additional photos from your community instantly, no need to download or copy photos separately.

4. Page Wizard allows you to create spreads with ease. In addition, it allows you to create master templates and section templates for your book.

Monarch makes creating a solid, consistent look easy breezy. When you’re ready to submit, our “Prepare For Submission” tool prevents common printing errors and gives you a more polished book. And since Monarch is all online, there’s no more updating to a new version year after year.

Let your ideas jump off the page. Monarch by Jostens. Powered by Adobe.