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Jostens - SchoolWay



"SchoolWay is one of Jostens' strategic mobile platforms and represents our continued commitment to serving the school community. Mobile is quickly becoming the default communication mode for students, parents and school officials. Jostens created SchoolWay to allow schools to quickly communicate with their community, and community members to connect with their schools through a free and feature-rich mobile platform that will continue to evolve based on their needs."
        - Murad Velani, COO of Jostens

Our video for Jostens SchoolWay, an all in one app that lets you stay involved in everything going on at your school. SchoolWay is fully customizable, and many schools are already using it.

Running time: 1:30

Script: Staying informed with your school these days is, well, work. You've got to check your phone for texts, your Facebook for notices, your Twitter for tweets, your voicemail for voice messages, and your computer for emails. Talk about information overload!

Here’s a little secret; now you can get all that info in one place. All you need to do is download SchoolWay; the one app that keeps you in the know. Everything you’re involved in at your school is right inside one, free, easy to use and fully customizable app.

SchoolWay sends you instant push notifications from your school that are important to you. Whether it’s safety alerts, athletic team schedules, or club reminders. You choose the content you want to receive.

Want to know if practice was canceled? SchoolWay will tell you. Forgot about a quiz? SchoolWay will remind you. Need to email your teacher but don’t have their email? Just log on to SchoolWay. The possibilities are endless.

Millions of students and parents already have their school’s information at their fingertips. So what are you waiting for? Your fingertips look pretty jealous.You can download the SchoolWay app and set up your profile in just seconds.Visit your app store to download your SchoolWay app. Then log on, find your school, and get started.

Your school’s already using SchoolWay; so don’t miss out.