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Posted by mocapnyc

Explainer Video Script Copy

Why is it that only companies with big budgets get the best creative services?

It's like the time when only a few could drive a car or fly in airplanes.

Today, the creative world is just as stratified. We're here to change the status quo. Komolog Creative is a creative solutions platform that operates online, manaing your creative project in an efficient and affordable way. With Komolog, you can launch all your creative business needs; from a globally distributed advertising campaign to basic communication design, right from your laptop.

Starting is easy: Enter information about your company and find your team. You choose the one you want to work with. Find an existing team, or we'll find a team for you.

We're not a bidding system that attracts cheap talent, our creatives are hand-picked, establsihed and the best for your budget.

We walk you through every detail, from organizing your budgets to legalities, updates, milestones, and personal communications with your team, all in one efficient online management system. And Komolog is responsible for the quality of each project. Get the benefits of a premiere creative service, without a premiere price. Komolog Creative -- Communicate