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Local Frequency

Local Frequency needed to show their connection and commitment to mainstreet America. What better way than zooming in on everyday life in a local community? 

Our whiteboard style animation takes an inside look at the power of local shopping in our new marketing video for Local Frequency.

Running time: 2:25


Think about all the places we shop in our community.

Some of us start our day at our favorite coffee shop, where the barista knows how to get the perfect pour…

…followed by a melt-in-your-mouth pastry from the bakery next door.

Perhaps it’s getting hands-on with our kids at the art studio—making messes, masterpieces, and memories.

It could be shopping for clothes at a hip boutique on the corner...

…then stocking up on some essentials at the big box store, running a promotion.

Maybe it’s catching some sports with a couple craft beers at the local brewery.

But did you know, where you go to shop plays a huge difference in how it affects your community?  Making just a slight shift to shop locally, can see big results.

For instance, local businesses and restaurants put more money back into the local economy than national chains. Thirty four cents on the dollar, opposed to just ten cents from chains.

 For the same revenue, local businesses employ 50 to 70% more local people than chains.

Local business owners make decisions without being influenced by a corporate head-office. This means that business decisions that affect our community, like sourcing locally, are made by people who care about our community.

Shopping local also promotes the creation of startups, moving families into the middle class. Those start-ups account for twenty percent of local job growth.

Local businesses also contribute more back into the community, because, well, it’s their community too!

So next time you shop, consider local !

In a city of one million, if we all shift five percent of our shopping to local businesses, we will help produce over three thousand more local jobs that pay one hundred million dollars a year in wages.  

So, where can YOU make the shift?

Considering shifting by purchasing some dinner ingredients at the local deli, ordering from the local pizzeria, or choosing your flowers in-store at the local florist

The Local Frequency is empowering local businesses to thrive. Join us.

To find out how you can support your community’s future, visit The Local Frequency.com today.