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McKesson Relay Health - "Your Story"

Posted by Ben Capitano


Running time: 1:27


Whether orders, test results, prescriptions, or vital signs - the information stored inside your data systems can tell a story about your health care organization's success or failure. But raw data from multiple vendors can be unorganized and difficult to understand. To make the most of your data, you need to craft it into a clear visual narrative. And McKesson health care analytics can help. 

With McKesson, you can integrate internal systems' data with US Census data to discover a story about the best locations for new urgent care facilities, to reduce ED visits, or tell a tell about ways to reduce hospital acquired conditions. And we connect you with peers nationwide so you can hear and learn from their success story. Best of all, by making your story clear and compelling McKesson health care analytics helps to get your entire team on the same page and working towards the same happy ending. To learn more about telling your data driven story or to speak with a McKesson solutions adviser, visit mckesson.com/exploertestdrive today. McKesson, better care, better business, better connectivity, for better health.