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Medical Arts 3D Computer Animation Marketing Video

Posted by Steve Day

"The response to the ads has been amazing. All of our clients are talking about it. They are calling us the Skeleton doctors now. "
        - Medical Arts

Medical Arts Radiology, a Long Island-based radiology group teamed up with our stidio to hit the funny bone with it’s audiences, totalling seven separate ads so far.

Their recent ad below won the People's Telly Award without our knowing it! It was voted on by regular viewers and users who visited the Telly Awards website--a true reflection of the popularity and effectiveness of our work. The ads have also resulted in billboard campaigns.

The campaign's success has even crossed state lines resulting in the Ad being copied by a radiology group in Texas and other radiology groups in the country seeking to license the commercial for their own promotion.

Running time: :30


Male Skeleton (MS) and Female Skeleton (FS), husband and wife, relax comfortably in lounge chairs at the beach, wearing big beach hats, each holding a beach drink with mini umbrellas stuck inside, the wife holds a magazine with a Medical Arts logo on the back.

MS: Since that MRI, life is good.

FS: Yup. Called the doctor the same day.

MS: Now look at me, ahhh. (crosses legs, leans back, hand behind head) Old lazy bones.

FS: Told you. Medical Arts has the best equipment and the doctors are trained at top hospitals.

MS: I knew I was in good hands there, I.….

FS: … felt it in your bones?

MS: Every single one.

FS: Honey. I can always see right through you.

VO: Equipment is important, but the Doctors make the real difference. (Medical Arts logo is on screen)