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MG&E - Stay Safe

Posted by Ben Capitano


"Idea Machine rocks. They are creative problem solvers, and great to work with. They brought our job in on budget, on time and made it dance. We'd work with them again in a heartbeat"
        - Bill Patton, Creative Director at 6AM

6AM Marketing had sold an idea on a PSA to teach the dangers of downed power lines to their client Madison Gas and Electric, but needed help in bringing it to life. They came to us and we animated this fun and engaging spot.

Running time: 0:30

Script: It's the season for storms, and possibly down power lines. And while it may look harmless, a fallen line could be live and dangerous.

Stay away from lines on the ground and areas covered with storm debris or fallen lines could be hidden. Always assume that a down line and the objects around it are energized. Don't touch them, and most importantly, if you encounter a down power line, call MG&E right away.

Stay safe. Stay away from down lines.