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Posted by Steve Day


Novantas, Inc is the leading provider of bank pricing software and services. It recently announced its new PriceTek pricing support system. Watch the video below to see how PriceTek Deposits will work for you. 

Running time: 2:03

Script: Did you know that most deposit customers now shop online before buying? And the number is growing month by month. Did you know that rates rose an average of 25 basis points per month at the end of the end of the last three rate cycles?

To win the battle for deposit growth, better margins, and sticky customers. Top performing banks rely on Pricetek deposits from Novantas and you can too. Pricetek is the most powerful pricing and product management tool specifically designed for the retail banking industry.

Users get unmatched analysis of competitor rates to anticipate market moves and proactively win key customers as well as a distinct competitive advantage through Pricetek's customer behaviorial data which reveals what your customers really want.

The Pricetek user has a complete command center at their finger tips. To help determine the best ways to achieve strategic objectives. Implementing Pricetek is simple and fast. Our experts create a secure data environment for your bank. Next we'll integrate multiple data streams, and calibrate relationship elasticity across products, customers, and channels.

And we'll handle all the update and maintenance, allowing your team to focus on turning new insights into bottom line results. Within weeks your customized Pricetek system will deliver more efficient deposit growth, lower interest expensive, better analytics at a lower cost, and better regulatory transparency. In today's environment strong analyticle capabilities are separating the winners from the losers and you need a partner with a track record of success in turbulent time.

So team up with Novantas and Pricetek and get ahead of the competition.