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NYL Retirement

Posted by Artem Kotenko


Our Retirement video for New York Life Insurance. Life insurance can be an intelligent aspect of your retirement strategy.

Running time: 1:30

Script: Have you spent more time planning your vacation than your retirement? It’s understandable; preparing for retirement can be pretty overwhelming. Tax-deductible contributions, tax deferred growth, tax-free distributions. What does it all mean? One thing’s clear – you want to make the right choices for your retirement plan. So now what? Well, the first step is to understand all of your options, so you can make the right moves.

Depending on whether you choose a 401k, a brokerage account, or another retirement vehicle; the money you contribute can be taxed on the way in, or the way out. Your account type also determines whether or not you’ll be taxed on earnings and growth. There’s no way to know where tax rates will be when you retire, so to make sure taxes don’t take too big a bite out of your nest egg, it’s best to put your money in a variety of smart investments.

Another non-traditional option is permanent life insurance. It’s more than just a death benefit; cash value life insurance can be a powerful part of your retirement strategy as your needs change. If you understand your options, retirement planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. To learn more about the best options for you, contact your New York Life agent today.