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Posted by mocapnyc

Explainer Video Script

Extra, Extra, read all about it! Guaranteed income, a good news story! 10,000 people are retiring every day, and the number is growing. Most Americans feels that they're either behind schedule, or don't know where they stand. And with a great reliance on DC claims, they need some support to help them reach their goals. This is a time of many uncertainties. Can anyone depend on social security? No one knows what exactly the market will do. What impact will inflation have on people's savings? Of course, no one will know how long they will need their money to last. They certainly don't want to be dependent on their children. With all of these uncertainties, many Americans are postponing their retirement, it seems that the only news on financial retirement and the future is uncertain. But today, there is surprisingly good news. In-plan Guaranteed retirement income. These products check against market lows while taking advantage of market highs. They allow complete flexibility, and employees love never loosing control of their money. Thousands of employers are offering in-plan guaranteed income to their employees. And thousands more are doing their research. They discover that people that had a 2008 income weren't victimized by the crash like many of their others. So they're offering in=plan guarantee income products to their employees who love the surprise. Now people can finally be confident that they are making better decisions about their financial future. Not only for themselves, but also their families.

In-plan guarantee income, a surprisingly good news story.


As a financial adviser, you can bring this good news to your client. Prudential retirement was so convincing that guaranteed income good news story from participants. planned sponsors, and you, the financial consultants, that we've created a media education program for you on this very subject. It includes short videos sessions like this one, that explains how in-plan guarantee income works. It also includes a tool kit, to help introduce the opportunity to your clients. And finally, it includes a forum, where you can share your thoughts with other consultants. We're convinced that in-plan guaranteed retirement income products can help you grow your business, and at the same time, you're helping your client have a more secure financial future. The program and the tools are not specific credentials for income program, but rather to help you understand the current landscape and how to evaluate in-plan income solutions. we just want you to share the good news! Join us now by simply clicking on the link.