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Qpon Qrush

Posted by Artem Kotenko


Our video for QponQrush, a marketing app which allows sellers to post coupons to the app and get them delivered to potential customers, who in turn can share the coupons with their friends. Your customers become your brand ambassadors!


Running time:2:18



Let’s face it, digital marketing has its challenges. But what if there was an easy, effective way to create social media campaigns, increase word of mouth referrals, track campaigns results, and grow your virtual sales force, for just dollars a day? That’s where QponQrush comes in. Our patented marketing technology transforms the way you engage with customers and incentivizes them to promote your business.

Here’s how it works; QponQrush takes your existing standard offers and promotions, and posts them to our QponQrush app, giving you access to new customers by making them social. If you don’t already have existing offers, you can create your own social Qpon in under 5 minutes using our social campaign creator. Make a dynamic social coupon which lets customers share to save; increasing savings the more the coupon is shared. You control the discount, number of redemptions, and expiration date. The social campaign creator then posts the coupon to the QponQrush app, extending your reach to new consumers.

In addition to sharing, QponQrush users can crush a coupon by endorsing it with their picture and personal note, generating a targeted word of mouth referral. By crushing a coupon, your customers unlock bigger discounts, saving them money. As customers share and crush your campaign, they become brand ambassadors. You can have thousands of people promoting your business without the cost of hiring new personnel. And we track the best influencers in your product category, so you can recruit them to do even more for your brand, making them part of your virtual salesforce.

Your campaign is automatically tracked from beginning to end, so you can continually review your metrics and adjust for best results. All it takes is a few dollars a day to quickly create engaging social media campaigns, track the results, and turn your customers into a virtual salesforce – so you’ll win more customers and generate more revenue. To get started, contact QponQrush to request a demo today!