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Quick Quest

Posted by Ben Capitano
To effectively run a qualitative market research study project managers have to juggle a lot of moving parts. And as new projects are added they have to work with a multiplying number of clients, vendors, and moderators adding even more to the mix and making it hard to keep everything up in the air. Let's face it, managing multiple projects both domestically and across the globe can be pretty overwhelming. But now there's a way to take back control of your projects. It's a whole new ballgame, with Quick Quest online management portal. Quick Quest helps you to manage every facet of every project, from a single, easy to use interface. 
Here's how it works. First, we work with you to program the screeners. Then you and your partners send invitations to potential respondents who can screen themselves or with an agent over the phone. Reminders are automatically emailed to responders who can easily add or confirm appointments on their personal calendars. Responded data immediately populates the incidence reports so you can monitor progress and issues, both in respondent profiles which are fully customizable, and in your moderator's calendar. And if a respondant makes changes, the portal is updated instantly and automatically, eliminating data entry. Quick Quest also helps you share files or reports with clients, moderators, or recruiting agencies in both full or blinded versions. Everything's at your fingertips all in real time. Hundreds of clients have already used the portal, with great results and rave reviews. So put the ball back in your court, control the chaos, and relax with Quick Quest.