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Razorfish Animated Promotional Explainer Video

Posted by mocapnyc


"My client was very pleased and I'm grateful for all the hard work and effort."
        - Plow Productions

Running time: 1:22

Script: A history of Razorfish in 60 seconds.

The dawn of the internet ushered in a new way of thinking. Crazy ideas became everyday, and everyday ideas became crazy. In 1995, two guys from New York had a theory: every business would one day be digital. Meanwhile, a guy in Seattle had and idea that his family's business could sell more with the worldwide web, so could everyone else. And an agency was born.

New brands were in big business, old brands learned new business. Soon, we wanted to do more than just build websites by media, we wanted to create experiences, but one day, the lights went off. Well, for some maybe.

But not for Razorfish. We had more work to do. We grew, and grew, and grew! And GREW! And our new way of thinking became part of their every day life.

Today, we're over 2500 strong, in 11 countries, with one mission: Creating experiences that build businesses.