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Rebuild Houston - Making Houston The New Standard

Posted by Artem Kotenko

The City of Houston sought to revolutionize its infrastructure with a unique 10-year initiative and they wanted a campaign to match it. We dug deep and decided to build a small city ourselves.

The ReBuild Houston business model emphasizes Pay‐As‐You‐Go Funding. No new debt is incurred and cash payment means there are no more interest payments on new projects. As a result, the City gets twice the product for the same dollars. Now that’s good Government!

Running time: :30


What if Houston didn’t have pot-holes? 

What we experienced less flooding?

What we built more new streets every year.

What if that reality started yesterday?

Thanks to Rebuild Houston, Houston’s infrastructure is being rebuilt with no new debt,  increasing projects by 50% since 2012. In ten years, that will nearly triple, in twenty the funding will grow to nearly five times. 

Rebuild Houston, a proven city initiative making Houston the new standard.