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Replay It

Posted by Ben Capitano

Hey do you have a lot of pictures on your smartphone? Sure you do. Do you want to share them with your friends and classmates? Sure you do. Do you want to get some of them into your school's yearbook? Sure you do! But how do you do all of that? With Replay It, the free mobile app that allows you to capture, share, and view everything that happens this school year as the year unfolds. 

Here's how replay it works. 

  1. Download Replay It from the app store and register, totally free. 
  2. Find your school. Totally easy. 
  3. Upload photos already on your device. And take and share new photos of all your school's moments that matter. We moderate all photo content, to make sure what's shared is safe and suitable for all ages. 
  4. Tag your photos by event, by person, by activity, however you want them to be searchable. 
  5. View everything that's been shared, on Replay It by you and everyone else as the year unfolds. 

But that's just for starters. Through Replay It, you can also access past yearbook photos and videos. Bring your yearbook pages to life with augmented reality, and even order your school's yearbook. 

Get Replay It so share your best and see the rest.