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Royal Bank of Canada - Client View

Posted by Ben Capitano



Are you driving your business or chasing after it? Maybe you're in the driver's seat but need a bigger engine? Are there times when you're putting out fires? Reacting to client needs rather than addressing them proactively? And losing your days to a series of unplanned activities rather than working on your business development plan? Do you have a nagging feeling that your team isn't as coordinated or efficient as it should be? Do your clients get the kind of service that they boast about to their friends? Many of you have reported these challenges and we've heard you loud and clear.

 Client View is designed to tackle these issues head on. Based on your input we've taken a robust technology platform and infused it with the client information and tracking you need to make gold standard client service and systematic business development a fast and simple part of your workday. Most advisors have the same goals: grow their business, have more time, and provide exceptional client service. Client View empowers you to achieve these aims by giving you the information you need when you need it. And the ability to make critical actions all at the click of a button. Delegating tasks among team members is a snap! Meeting notes and email communications are quickly reported and easily tracked. Key office functions can be organized and systematized. Built in segmentation and service levels make coordinated client contact a breeze. And pipelined and opportunity management enable you to execute and track sales campaigns and other business development efforts methodically and comprehensively. With Client View you have a contact management system that makes caring for clients and building relationships easier, faster, and more profitable. Grow your business into the  with Client View