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Sapient - Client Connect

Posted by Ben Capitano
Did you know your smart phone or tablet can turn on your A/C, lights, and coffee machine as you drive home from work?
Everything's going digital, including investment management. Investors use technology throughout their lives and businesses, and they expect a customized, transparent digital experience when managing their investments.
So to consistency articulate your investment approach and differentiate their offerings,
investment managers need to integrate digital technology to transform the client experience – and Sapient Client Connect can help.
Current approaches are manual, labor-intensive, inefficient, costly, risky, susceptible to inconsistency ... – you get the idea. Sapient's Client Connect solution helps you take the first steps towards digital transformation, combining easy access to your product and client data, with tight security – so you can begin to automate processes and enable a richer client connection.
Our cloud-based data and automation service provides data that's richer, more tailored, and more timely. And marketing and client services teams can quickly gain access to a range of digital capabilities to automatically create and distribute marketing, investor relations, and reporting materials.
From Factsheets and online fund information; to pitch books and presentations; whether as a document or in a secure online portal - Client Connect helps your team streamline redundant production activities and focus on what's important: client interactions.
In addition, risks and operational costs are drastically reduced thanks to better controls and consistent access to content and data. For decades, Sapient Global Markets has advised asset managers on how to transform their businesses.
With Sapient Client Connect, you get the powerful combination of a data consolidation and automation strategy; a digital marketing and reporting platform; AND our extensive domain knowledge and delivery expertise – to drive a true transformation. After all, if a phone or tablet can run a household, shouldn't your clients expect the same kind of service when managing investments? Take advantage of the smartest, most efficient way to go digital, so you can focus on client connections and experiences – with Sapient Client Connect.