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Posted by mocapnyc

"Incredible, I'm SO impressed!!! Wow." - ServiceSkills.com/Telephone Doctor Inc.

Explainer Video Script


Meet Frank. Frank's been having one of those weeks. His customer service department just mishandled their third complaint of the morning.

His boss just paid him a visit.......

Two of his team members had a disagreement and now refuse to cooperate.

Morale is at an all time low.

Frank's tried everything.....from motivational emails.... to motivational meetings.... he's even hired an expensive consultant to work with his team. Things are looking bleak at Frank's organization.

Until one day, Frank received an email introducing him to an innovative web-based learning platform called: ServiceSkills.com.


ServiceSkills dot com Web-based Communication Training…. Customer Service, Conflict Management, employee relations, team building...click for free demo.


ServiceSkills dot com gives your team to access world class online training courses which will help them increase customer service, reduce stress and improve communication throughout your organization. ServiceSkills dot com is web-based learning takes place online, using any web browser, from anywhere your team happens to be. The ServiceSkills platform offers access to a complete suite of communication training resources – including streaming video chapters, quizzes, post-quiz feedback, key points reminders and certificates of completion.

Learning content featured includes: The Telephone Doctor® Customer ServiceSeries, hosted by customer care expert Nancy Friedman.

The What To Say When Communication Series – presents just in time learning modules to help with team building, conflict management, office etiquette and workplace communication.

The Service Matters Roundtable Series – Your staff will learn from a roundtable discussion with six service superstars who share strategies about providing world class customer service. The Service Scenarios™ Challenge Series where team members view wrong-way service scenes and are challenged to brainstorm the best course of action. The Newmarket Learning™ Leadership Series –Managers & leaders will learn proven strategies to help them to best handle challenging personnel issues.

The Houndville Animated Workplace Series raises awareness to workplace dilemmas in a colorful and lighthearted way.

ServiceSkills.com is available in an all-inclusive annual subscription where the investment is based on the usage level that fits your needs. The system offers a buffet of course topics and you decide what courses are assigned to which team members.

A powerful administrative management system empowers managers to assign courses, track progress, notice performances gaps and reward success with certificates of completion!

Bottom line? Frank sure is glad he took the time to learn about ServiceSKills.com

If you can relate to the challenges Frank faced take the next step - request a free demo of Service Skills Dot Com. You'll blow past your competitors with a knowledgeable and well-trained team, all working for the greater good of the company. And when your organization looks good – you look good!

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