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Posted by mocapnyc

Explainer Video Script

It's here!

We have a way to help you unleash the power of the big data streaming from sensors or smart grid. One that eliminates the, uh, joy of connecting legacy back offices processes to modern center networks. After 10 years of industry leading innovations, and building the worlds largest censor networks, Silver Springs Networks have finally created the next big thing. The Silver Link Sensor Network.

Huston, we have a connection.

We are the first to harness the process capability in this network with modern big data technologies and proven web programming concepts. Securely connect grid assets, customers, and more intelligent insights than ever before. Imagine, monitoring and analyzing voltage patterns and meter temperatures remotely to address potential issues before customer complaints occur. How about delivering fully itemized bills? How about helping consumers understand usage through optional remote energy audits, to help customers lower costs. With the ability to create apps at ten times the speed and a tenth of the cost.

It's all finally possible. a new way of creating breakthrough insight, efficiency, and customer relationships.

The Silver Link Sensor Network. What kind of breakthrough will you make?



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