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SMT Expo

Posted by Ben Capitano
Since the 1800s expos have been the lifeblood for many industries as an important way for companies to introduce themselves and their new products to the market. 

Unfortunately they've never moved beyond using generic booths that simply underwhelm. 

Not anymore. 

SMT expo is leading a softwall revolution that will invigorate your company's product offering, excite your customers, and refresh your show aesthetic. Whether you're a new or existing company, SMT expo provides an exciting new trade show booth system that's simple yet attractive, sturdy and lightweight, very economical, and completely tool-free. No Screwdriver. No hammer. Not even those little Allen wrenches that we all love to hate. 

That may sound impossible, but our 50 years of global manufacturing and diversified product experience have helped us design an exclusive product that's efficient, productive, and assembles with lighting speed. Created with our parent company, Glenmore Industries, the SMT soft-wall product sets the new booth standard for the 21st century. 

And we can even take care of your accessory and graphics management needs.

SMT expo's unique smart | modular | technology can make your next trade show successful and stress-free. 

So give us a call today and join the revolution. No, really. Stop taking selfies and call or email us today.