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SPI Fund

Posted by Ben Capitano

SPI Fund

Our video for the SPI Fund. Through research and philanthropic community partnerships, the Science of Philanthropy Initiative (SPI) seeks to understand what motivates charitable giving.

Running time: 1:15


When fundraising, it's never good to leave money on the table. But now charities can use scientific methods to increase donations - and the Science of Philanthropy Initiative can help. Our researchers across the globe have been studying fundraising strategies, with some powerful findings. For example, they've shown that appealing to the good feelings associated with giving is more effective than appealing to the desire to help a cause. So you can increase donations simply by changing the way a solicitation is worded.

Attending conferences, reading scientific studies, and consulting resources such as The Science of Philanthropy Initiative and Association of Fundraising Professionals, are great ways to start planning your fundraising campaign. But since each charity is unique, it's best to run a campaign that's been optimized specifically for your organization. And you don't have to do it alone. Through science-based testing, SPI helps to determine the most effective ways for your charity to raise money. So partner with the Science of Philanthropy Initiative, and see how Science can make a difference for your next fundraising campaign.