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Spirits Unlimited Series - Beer

Posted by mocapnyc

"According to (Comcast), we have some of the best viewer numbers they’ve seen!"
        - DJ D'Onofrio, Spirits Unlimited

This explainer ad series began with Marketing Director Thomas Forgione of Web Alliance International (waisite.com) contacting our studio. After our discussion, we both knew that we needed to start with the retailers’ marketing strategy.

We knew the audience we wanted to appeal to were women between the ages of 30 and 60. Many of these women were party hosts who needed to choose unique, thoughtful drinks for each of their occasions. Spirits Unlimited was a perfect retailer because no one could match their stores-wide selection. But while the Spirits Unlimited retail selection is great, the real difference-maker for their customers were the knowledgeable employees. Currently, we are at 8 video ads and counting.

Running time: 0:30

Script: I know some of you out there aren’t too thrilled about losing your man every Sunday to a football game. But you’ve gotta look on the bright side. We have all kinds of great seasonal beers in stock, so pick up an autumn sampler to keep that party going. Pale ales, brown ales, pumpkin ales, wheat ales, whatever ales you this fall – we’ve got you covered. To find out more, go to spiritsoffers.com.