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Stackpop Cost Management Promotional Video Production

Posted by mocapnyc


"Looks great and sound fits great! You guys killed it!"
        - Stackpop

Our video for Stackpop, a platform designed to assist in the management of technical infrastructures by eliminating the headache of dealing with contracts and costs.

Running time: 2:06

Script: You’ve built a network that includes cloud deployments, data centers, and bandwidth providers across the globe. As your footprint grows, so does your need to manage the associated contracts and costs, taking more and more time away from the technology.

Instead of pushing 1s and 0s, you start pushing more paper. As any good techie would do, you hack something together. Maybe you’re updating spreadsheets here and setting some calendar reminders there. It’s amazing what duct tape and strings around your finger can do, but let’s face it – these are hacks and you deserve better.

We wanted to kill the hack-monster, so we rebuilt contract and cost management from the ground up, the way that we as IT and Ops guys always wanted it. We believe your tech is greater than the sum of its parts, so Stackpop takes all the disparate pieces of the IT cost and contract management process and brings them under one roof.

By aggregating and visualizing all your itemized costs and contract values, Stackpop helps bridge the gap between Ops, Finance and the C-Suite; truly making it the one platform to rule all your IT contracts. CFO wants a projection for your PoP in Prague? Piece of cake.

Legal needs all your contracts for an audit, yesterday? Easy. CEO’s asking about last quarter’s cost of content delivery? Does she want APAC or EMEA included in that? How does it work? (screens section like Expresso)

1. Create vendor profiles and securely upload your documents from your technology and infrastructure vendors.

2. Add the details: address, billing contacts, contract term, monthly cost by type, one-time adjustments, add some notes, and boom ...

3. Configure custom alerts & Notifications for you and your team so you’re never caught auto-renewing again

4. Pull and share reports and graphs

5. Integrate your data with third party crowd sources like Google Apps and sales force Stackpop even helps you source and negotiate with confidence. Membership gives you exclusive access to a real-time marketplace of 450+ data centers in more than 40 countries, so you’re always in the know.

Sign up today for your free 30 day trial and discover how Stackpop can tame your IT and infrastructure hack monster.

Stackpop. Infrastructure simplified.