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Starbucks - Frozen

Posted by Ben Capitano


"We think the animations look great! I’ll be sure to pass along all the great feedback."
        - Starbucks

When Starbucks acquired LaBoulange bakery, it was looking for a fresh new way to introduce its new approach to baking. They needed a video that would hold their employees' attention during their busy work day. They chose ideaMACHINE Studio due to rave reviews.

Running time: 0:42

Script: Two croissants, Jacques and Chloe emerge from the oven - fresh and delicious. Jacques falls asleep in the flash freezer, but Chloe goes directly onto the truck. Jacques sleeps peacefully int he frozen truck, but Chloe is hot when it's hot, cold when it's cold, dry wh- you get the idea. When she gets to the store, she's had a pretty rough life. But Jacques wakes peacefully on the thawing racks; emerges from the oven flaky and delicious. Chloe gets a bit of a boost from the oven, but we know who our customers are going to love. Freshly baked, freshly frozen. Because the best coffee deserves the best croissant.