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Supportive Healthcare

Posted by Ben Capitano

A lot of factors go into choosing a billing, collection, and management services company. Too many times it end up being a bidding war... and the company that charges... the lowest percent on collected dollars ends up winning your business. So why's that bad for your business? Because you get what you pay for. 

Discounted billing/collection companies: are restricted in performance by their overhead, small staff and/or high turnover, usually have poorly trained staff. If there are dollars in your report then there is more work to be done to collect your money. 

Get your hard earned money. Supportive Healthcare will review your aging report at no cost to you. We'll tell you exactly how we can help you. If there is an aging balance then our specialists will find your hidden money. 

You pay Supportive Healthcare nothing until your aging dollars are collected. 

Call us today at 1-877-775-3023 or visit SupportiveHealthInc.com and find out how Supportive Healthcare can put money back in your pocket.