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TD Ameritrade- Administrative Costs

Running time: 2:04


You got into this business because you liked working with clients. You enjoyed investing, financial planning, and helping people pursue their financials goals. These activities used to be your primary focus. But over time, your business got more complex.

Now, you have to take care of data and system maintenance, human resource issues, compliance and regulatory concerns, and more. These issues and inefficiencies can consume your time and stand in the way of focusing on what’s core to your business—servicing clients.

Administrative burdens and costs have increased so much in fact, that according to a Cerulli Associates 2012 study, advisors now spend an average of only 59% of their time on client facing activities, and the remaining 41% on administrative tasks and office management.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the help of TD Ameritrade Institutional's business consulting professionals and innovative technology solutions, you can work to overcome inefficiencies and help reduce the administrative burdens keeping you from servicing your clients.

By leveraging Veo, our account management and trading technology, you can integrate your existing systems and automate standard day-to-day activities. Which would reduce manual tasks that otherwise would distract you and your staff from providing an exceptional client experience. In fact according a 2011 Aite Group study, fully integrating your technology has the potential to more than double the amount of time you spend with clients and prospects.

And with TD Ameritrade Institutional’s High Performing Teams program, you’ll have the guidance to build and manage your own team. —helping to ensure your clients get the best care possible. In fact, RIA firms that have a compensation structure that drives results, well defined and documented team member roles and responsibilities, and formal training programs have an average of a 48% increase in pre-tax owner income and 54% increase in assets under management and 78% higher revenue, according to InvestmentNews’s 2010 Financial Performance Study of Advisory firms.

Click the download icon now to find out more on how you can work with TD Ameritrade Institutional to streamline your operations and spend more time with clients and prospects. TD Ameritrade Institutional and all third-parties listed above are separate unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other’s services or policies.