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Explainer Video Title: The Northern Pass- Carbon Emissions

Explainer Video Company: The Northern Pass

Explainer Video Script: ideaMachinestudio

Explainer Video Directions and Animation: ideaMachinestudio



Explainer Video Script Copy

Here's a question: How can New England meets it growing demand for electricity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time? Today, most of our energy comes from burning non-renewable fossil fuels like natural gas and oil, which produce billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Carbon Dioxide are one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, which causes the average surface temperature of the Earth to rise. Hydro Electricity comes from energy from flowing rivers, does not produce carbon dioxide, and is renewable, meaning the same water can be used over and over again. Replacing fossil fuel facilities in New England with water generated electricity will reduce carbon emissions to up to 5 million tons each year. That's like nearly taking 900,000 cars off the road. 98% of the energy transmitted by the Northern Pass will be hydro energy, therefore, carbon- free. That will help New Hampshire and New England meet our collective goal of a cleaner, more plentiful energy future.