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Posted by mocapnyc


Explainer Video Title: The Northern Pass- Right of Way

Explainer Video Company: The Northern Pass

Explainer Video Script: ideaMachinestudio

Explainer Video Directions and Animation: ideaMachinestudio



Explainer Video Script Copy

This is a right of way. Think of it as a path that powers your home, or charges your cellphone. Did you know that nearly all of the Northern Pass hydro electric lines will be located on existing P&H right of way? That alone is good news for the environment. But you may not know that a Right of Way is made to preserve and protect endangered wildlife and birds. It's true. According to studies by the University of New Hampshire, "... a right of way has unique grasses and small bushes that provide essential food and shelter... for some of New Hampshire's most endangered birds and small animals..." For some wildlife, forests and fields alone are not safe habitats, they need the unique environment of shrub-land found in Rights of Way in order to survive. Here they find safety from predators, and nourishment. So sure, you can think of a Right of Way for a path of power, but also think of it as a path for life.