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Explainer Video Title: The Northern Pass- Summary

Explainer Video Company: The Northern Pass

Explainer Video Script: ideaMachinestudio

Explainer Video Directions and Animation: ideaMachinestudio



Explainer Video Script Copy

The Northern Pass Summary.

To summarize, the Northern Pass project will deliver a clean, low cost, hydro electricity to power 1 million homes. It will reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions over 5 million tons each year. That's like taking 900,000 cars off the road! It will generate up to $25 million in tax revenue, for local towns, schools, and roads. That means balanced budgets and restoring lost services. It will create 1200 new jobs in construction and forestry. Putting money in pockets of New Hampshire residents and their families. The Northern Pass, it's about more than energy. It's a bout ensuring a better economy, and a better environment, in the state we call home.