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Unilever Series-NCAA Men's Hair Care

Posted by Artem Kotenko

Unilever Series: NCAA Men's Hair Care

The Final Four is serious business for March Madness fans, and Unilever is serious about men's grooming. Our team was tasked with the challenge to live up to the standards of the NCAA Final Four and the standards of Unilever's men's grooming.

The exercise was strenuous - placing demands on our hair care, tightening our skin, and pushing our perspiration levels to the limit. But Unilever's amazing line of products was there to save the day.
Axe and Dove led the charge, giving our team the confidence we needed. Even though our hair was pushed left, right, up, and down, Suave provided the strength it needed. And perspiration could not get through Dove, Axe, and Degree's solid line of defense.

Running Time: 34 seconds

Script: Alright guys.
Your hair needs are different than women's.
So you gotta make the right call when it comes to hair care.
It starts with choosing the right products that are made for men.
Dove Men+ Care makes your hair stronger and more resilient.
Suave Men has hardworking formulas made just for guys.
And Axe Shampoo sets the stage for great style, so you can finish off strong for every occasion.
So get your head in the game, and make the right call on hair care and styling that's made for men!