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USPS: Bright and Early

Posted by Artem Kotenko

Our video for the USPS regarding workplace violence and abuse.

Running time: 1:37

Script: You in early again, Trey? Yeah, I had to drop my kid off early at school today, figured I’d get a head start. You haven’t seen Nick yet today, have you? Are you kidding? I’d be lucky if he’s on time for his shift. Everything ok? Oh yeah, everything is fine. Anything in the registry cage for me? Nope, nothing today. I’ll see you later, Trey. Nearly every day, Trey comes into work early to case his route. All that just to avoid his coworker Nick. No one should have to live with fear like that. On the street, or on the workroom floor, we’ve got zero tolerance for intimidation, threats, or violence towards any postal employee. So should you. When in doubt, report it every time. Speak to your supervisor, or call the US Postal Inspection Service. When it comes to workplace violence, only one number is acceptable – zero.