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Posted by Ben Capitano

If you’re considering an officer worn camera program, freedom of choice matters to you. Cameras change all the time, so why go with a vendor that locks you into one camera? VeriPic’s system allows you to choose from body worn cameras made by leading manufacturers. You can choose the camera that best suits your agency or even go with a mix of cameras if different divisions have different requirements.

What if you want to store all your digital evidence in one system?

Why lock yourself to a vendor that handles only video when we use systems that let you store ANY digital evidence including video, photos, audio files, documents and more?

Finally, where do you want to store all of the data that is captured?

Some vendors lock you in to one storage location like the cloud or on local servers. We offer you the freedom of choice by letting you store in the cloud if you want full service locally on your own servers if you prefer a local solution or hybrid if you want the convenience of the cloud but the cost savings associated with storing your data on your own network. All this comes to you from VeriPic, the company that pioneered digital evidence management. 

We’ve been in the digital evidence business since 1998. We have digital evidence management consultants standing by to help you. Just call us or visit veripic.com. VeriPic puts the freedom of choice in your hands.