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Verizon - VNF

Posted by Ian Smith


Explaining a complicated technical system like Verizon's "Virtual Network Function" is something we do best. The perfect balance of script and on-screen visuals bring this complex idea to life is a simple and understandable way.

v1-1.jpg v2-1.jpg
v3-1.jpg v4-1.jpg
v5-1.jpg giphy.gif

Running time: 1:39


The future of the Verizon Network is coming and being distributed to our customers at the very edge of innovation. Our Network Teams have been building a virtual framework that will deliver the promise of the digital world at the speed at which they demand it.

Today, our network resources are underutilized in off-peak hours, and highly-taxed during periods of heavy demand. Verizon has always met this costly demand by scaling network nodes horizontally across the network footprint, consuming power, space, and above all time.

Verizon knew there was a better way. Leveraging Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Functional Virtualization (NFV) concepts, our network teams have been developing an autonomous orchestration solution, to intelligently allocate capacity where and when it’s needed.

Separating proprietary software from our hardware has enabled us to operate and develop new applications in the cloud, reducing risk, encouraging innovation, and achieving service velocity.

It is our pleasure to announce the first wireless telecommunications Virtual Network Function deployment. The future is bright as we exploit new applications and use cases across our network.

Things like machine to machine communications and the internet of things are quickly becoming a reality at scale. We’re using network intelligence to make demand management smarter and more efficient than ever. 

The digital world is now at our fingertips.