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Weston Banks Wealth Partners

Posted by Ben Capitano
In the last two decades advances in technology and increased access to information have greatly destabilized the market. With prices able to turn on a dime the age of "buy and hold" is over. So, what can a smart investor do to protect their retirement? 
To safequard their portfolios investors need to eliminate the noise caused by information overload and hire experienced managers who can anticipate - and take advantage of - market changes. And Weston Banks Wealth Partners can help with our IRA Enhancer Portfolio. 
The IRA Enhancer Portfolio is built - win by not losing, and participate with protection, making the most of the IRA's ability to trade without taxes. It starts with our experienced tactical managers - analyze the market in order to identify potentially harmful sectors and predict market stress early then shift assets or raise cash to limit potential losses. 
So, in down markets, we act quickly to protect you. This results in less drawdowns than a typical all-asset-class portfolio, and a less volatile experience. In short, the IRA Enhancer Portfolio protects while providing quality participation in rising markets. So partner with Weston Banks Wealth Partners today and experience what tactical investment can do for your retirement.