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Why Keybank?

Posted by Artem Kotenko


"You guys are honestly doing a fantastic job, so much appreciation with your help on this..."
        - Mithun Agency

Our video for KeyBank, an American regional bank.

Running time: 4:20

Script: Key Corporate Bank just completed what was by far our strongest year since formation in 2010. The numbers however, are really just an output. They measure how effective we, when I say we I mean the big we, all of us, are at serving clients and targeted prospects every single day.

We've been executing a consistent strategy in the corporate bank since 2010. We call it our four cornerstones. Cornerstone 1: identifying targeted clients and prospects. We pick our spots, and we focus on niches where we can be extremely relevant to our targeted middle-market clients. By knowing exactly who we want to do business with, we can direct our time and capital to those niches where we are meaningful.

Our core belief is that focus propels growth. Which brings me to cornerstones 2 and 3, which are all about collaboration, both within the corporate bank and across the community bank. We are a people business, and because of our size, when I say size I mean size as in small, we can communicate directly with one another and move faster than our competitors. And when we collaborate effectively, we differentiate ourselves with both our clients and our prospects.

Cornerstone 4: rationalize our delivery system. In our industry, like all industries, long-term success requires a culture of continuous improvement. Our success will be determined by our ability to concurrently pull both levers, that is, revenue and expense. Thereby ensuring that we consistently deliver positive operating leverage(that is, grow our revenue at a faster rate than expenses). We are well positioned to execute our focused and proven business strategy.

Competitors have seen our success and want to replicate our approach. We are maniacal in our focus; relentless in our drive to remain ahead. As we continue our growth trajectory, I want to share with you three distinct ways the Corporate Bank will use our brand to differentiate us in the marketplace. The first -- Expertise. Many banks talk about expertise, but very few have created an entire business on targeted niches. We have deep industry expertise in consumer, energy, healthcare, industrials, public sector, real estate and most recently, technology.

We are also building leading product capabilities in our Enterprise Commercial Payments, Equity and Debt Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions and Leasing businesses. We bring this expertise to our clients in a highly coordinated way with teams who know each other and work well together. The second - Customized Solutions.

Through our deep industry expertise, we have unique insights and ideas about the opportunities and challenges facing our clients and prospects. Because of our knowledge and insights, we have meaningful reasons to speak to our clients and prospects. Our clients get to see us in action and appreciate the quality of our work and depth of our industry knowledge. The third way we stand out from our competitors is that of being proactive. In our business, ideas matter.

We proactively bring unique and competitive ideas and solutions to our clients. Collectively, this combination is powerful. But make no mistake, this is a people business. It is the collective talent, hard work and collaboration of the entire team that is the driving force of our business and is also what continues to distinguish us from our competitors. And when our people use their expertise to deliver value enhancing proactive ideas, we give our clients and prospects confidence to choose us – to choose Key! Team - this is how we will play to win.

This is how we will reinforce clients and prospects that we are in fact, different. Let’s seize this opportunity to enter a new era of growth for Key Corporate Bank. Where Ideas are the New Currency.