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Wrightspeed - Powertrain

Posted by Ben Capitano


Our video for Wrightspeed's electric Powertrain, a truck which can burn both diesel and natural gas, and recharges through an innovative braking system.

Running time: 1:20

Script: Big, fuel-guzzling trucks can cause a commotion in any neighborhood; polluting them with loud noise and unpleasant fumes. But Wrightspeed's got a better way, with a new range-extended electric Powertrain that can replace the diesel engines in many heavy-duty trucks: for a cleaner, more efficient ride.

A Wrightspeed Powertrain uses only electric motors to drive the wheels for energy-efficient, low-end torque. The motors are powered by an innovative battery system. During braking, the motors recharge the batteries. When batteries run low, an onboard turbine generator kicks in to recharge them.

The turbine can burn diesel or natural gas so your range isn't limited by battery capacity. As an alternative, you can also plug in for a charge. With fewer moving parts and less brakewear, you'll reduce maintenance and fuel costs without affecting your range or power.

Get ready for more efficient refuse trucks, delivery trucks, city busses, and many other applications. So get rid of the noisy, smelly diesel engine without giving up the power and range. Switch to the Wrightspeed Powertrain.