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WWF - Together Possible

Posted by Artem Kotenko



"We’ve been very impressed with your team. We just shared the English version on our Facebook page yesterday. It’s so far reached roughly 1,149,697 people (and growing). It has more than 9,460 likes, 6,700 shares, and 130 comments. Facebook tells us individuals completed 95% of the video, which is great!"
        - WWF

The World Wildlife Fund requested a video addressing the importance of environmental issues faced by us today, as well as the importance of a unified movement to resolve those issues.

Running time: 1:57


For more than 50 years, WWF has worked to conserve nature and protect wildlife. And with ever-increasing threats, today the challenge is greater than ever. Populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish have dropped by more than half around the globe. At the same time, we’re consuming natural resources faster than they can replenish. We’d need another half of a planet to meet the demands we currently make on nature. So to make a meaningful difference and change course, we need to think bigger.

We need a holistic approach that embraces the connection between nature and people, to find better ways to share the earth and thrive together. We can’t accomplish this alone, but if enough of us join together, nothing’s out of our reach. Together we’ll find new methods to produce energy and food to meet our needs with minimal impact on the environment. Together we’ll find better ways to use resources to ensure healthy oceans, thriving forests, and abundant fresh water. Together we’ll continue to support the diversity of life on earth – both wildlife and human life.

The challenge is great, and we can only succeed if our collective resolve is even greater. It’ll take the leadership of businesses, governments, communities and individuals to achieve change on a global scale, and to bring human needs back into balance with nature’s resources. Because together we have hope. Together we’re strong. Together, anything is possible.

To learn more and discover new ways that you can help, visit wwf.org today.